Magical Mystery
Chapter Equestria 2-2



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Unexpected Company

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The Return of Harmony

The upcoming second part will continue shortly after defending Ponyville. It will focus on rescuing the princesses from the Saint Lords' grasps with the help of several residents of Equestria. There will also be a branching path like from Chapter 9 with different characters joining on each path.

Synopsis Edit

As they feared, Princesses Celestia and Luna are captured by the Saint Lords, taking them to two different places for their diabolical purposes. As the plague begins to spread even further, the brigade and the ponies separate into groups to save both the princesses before it is too late.

Like Chapter 9, there are two different paths to take:

  • Celestia route: Celestia is at a Saint Lords Domain.
  • Luna route: Luna is in the dream realm.
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