All you have to do is grab stuff and move it around! But, I'm sure you'll still find a way to mess it up!
—WarioWare: Touched!

Character Type:


Initial Level:







Chapter 9

Original Appearance:

WarioWare: Touched! (2004)

Ashley is a recurring character in the WarioWare series of games. She's a witch in training who uses snarky comments to cover her loneliness and desire for friends.

History Edit

Ashley first appeared in WarioWare: Touched! where we see her working on gathering potion ingredients. She mainly appears in the WarioWare series where she engages in magical adventures that double as new microgames for the various game companies in Diamond City.

Role in Rakenzarn Edit

Ashley is an optional support member. Any time after starting Chapter 9, the player can visit her in her house in the southern half of the Blissing Forest. Ashley will be there working on a potion. Examining the paper near her with Dark Magician Girl in the party will have her offer to help Ashley out.

After that scene happens, Ashley can be talked to again in her house's library. The player must then walk out of her house to get another scene to play. Later in Chapter 9, Ashley will take up a room at the brigade's home. Talking to her there officially earns her Summon Card.

Ashley provides a large magic-oriented boost to stats. Her support move inflicts Blind and voids the enemy's magic buffs.

Relationship Edit

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