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This is the Rakenzarn Tales Bestiary, the documentation of monsters in the world of Rakenzarn.


Lizard-type Creatures are a significant majority in Rakenzarn, at least in the Cyril Region. They roam the wildernesses and attack whatever they see.



Velocipreys are the most common creature in at least the Cyril Region, and hence are very weak individually. It is because of this that they usually travel in packs. This is when they pose a threat.

HP 250
RP 100
STR 32
ATK 33
DEF 45
MG DEF 160
INT 15
DEX 25

Crossover: Monster Hunter



Oviraptors are weaker, but smarter than Velocipreys- they normally travel in pairs, presumably one female and the other male. They are significantly easy to take down, and this is a likely cause of their lower frequency of appearance. When low on health, Oviraptors make a smarter decision and flee. If you manage to kill them fast enough, then be prepared to have some extra spending money on you!

HP 200
RP 10
STR 18
ATK 22
DEF 45
MG DEF 155
INT 35
DEX 40
AGI 50
EVA 50

Crossover: Dino Crisis



The most intelligent known lizard creature in Cyril, these warriors are capable of using weapons, even sport armor. They still travel in groups, however, and are not to be taken lightly. They also tend to coordinate their attacks and target individual party members, so be careful with lower-health party members!

HP 900
RP 2000
STR 59
ATK 96
DEF 105
MG DEF 190
INT 50
DEX 75
AGI 60

Crossover: Dungeons & Dragons




These creatures are without a doubt the most deadly creature that aren't bosses. They travel alone, and have immense power. They are able to kill most of your party members in one hit until you are around level 16. They are slightly uncommon, but not rare, and encountering one can mean death for your party. It is because they occur most commonly when travelling that you are recommended to save before leaving a town/dungeon.

HP 6000
RP 1200
STR 100
ATK 110
DEF 165
MG DEF 230
INT 55
DEX 130

Crossover: Dino Crisis


Goblin-type creatures are particularly weak compared to the vast array of monsters, yet are as fearless, if not foolhardy.


These enemies might as well be cannon fodder; they're the very first enemy you fight in the game.

HP 170
RP 100
STR 15
ATK 20
DEF 25
INT 20
DEX 25
AGI 50


Orcs are essentially the larger, brutish cousins of the Goblins, and are normally much tougher to take down. They tend to rely on brute strength, though it is not unheard of for an Orc to occasionally dabble in some magic.


These consist of mammals and dragons. They are more powerful than most lizards, and populate the dense forests more than anything else.

Ape SoldierEdit

Ape - Soldier

These Apes are commonly found in the mountains of Black Forest, near the waterfall. Having been trained under Gaul, these hulking beasts are heavily resistant to dark and fire magics. However, subsequently, they're extremely vulnerable to Wind, Light, and Energy magic.

Ape Soldier
HP 800
RP 700
STR 40
ATK 42
DEF 65
MG DEF 135
INT 25
DEX 80
AGI 10

Crossover: Legend of Spyro

Manus CanisEdit


Arachnids are creatures with 8 Legs and two body sections, typically being carnivorous. They tend to either hunt prey using their intense speed and hyperactive reflexes or by laying careful traps to snare food in.


Slimes are gelatinous creatures that are capable of shape-shifting and moulding into their environment. They are more common in swamps and forests, and are normally resistant to Water and Ice elements.

Slime GirlEdit

Slime Girl

Normally found in pairs, these creatures take the forms of beautiful women who utilize water magic entirely. They are weak to Ice, surprisingly, and can be taken down rather easily if one possesses a mage with such an element.

Crossover: Monster Girl Quest


Undead are, as the name implies, corpses, spirits, or otherwise dead creatures brought back to life by some means, be it magic or otherwise.


Elementals are creatures that are very in-tune with their respective element, and typically don't resemble any one form. They tend to use magical spells of their element over physical attacks.


Fishes, Tentacled - really, anything that can breathe underwater will fall under this category; they tend to be water elemental creatures, but not entirely.


Birds are less common in Rakenzarn, as the smaller, less harmful birds tend to stay in the air, outside of the reach of civilized creatures.


Snakes are creatures that bear resemblance to a serpent in some way or another, and are usually reptilian in nature.


These creatures are automatons that are capable of performing tasks on their own, and oftentimes are controlled by someone with the proper knowledge and technical experience.


Angels are holy creatures from the lands non-accessible to mortal creatures, at least until death. They always bear the power of light and holiness, and seek to vanquish evil from the world.


Demonic creatures from the depths of Hell, they are the antithesis of Angels. Everything Angels strive for are essentially what Devils oppose.


  • After restoring the Cyril Region, Slime Girls and Mandragoras will occur less frequently due to the plague being cured.

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