Among the Wolves
Chapter 10


Kandur Region

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Madness Syndrome

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Deep Hatred


With their client, Rika Furude, safe from danger, Kyuu and the brigade must accomplish two important objectives before moving on to the region's Plague Core. However, Kyuu was traumatized from his earlier ordeal against Deathstroke that nearly cost Noel's life. As a result, he starts to develop a more aggressive behavior and willing to dive into danger himself, ensuring that his brigade would never suffer any more casualties.

With the Saint Lords and another familiar party after the brigade, Kyuu is challenged in the face of death... and the possibility of changes.

Character debutEdit

Party debutEdit

  • Deadpool (officially)
  • Dante
  • Chris Redfield
  • Shanoa
  • Pascal
  • Ruby Rose
  • Kazuma Kiryu
  • Yu Narukami
  • Yang Xaio Long (Support)
  • Risty (Support)
  • Hinata (Support)
  • Himawari (Support)
  • Balmung (Support)
  • Chun-li (Support)
  • Kyle (Support)
  • Regina (Support)
  • Toshiro (Support)
  • Hsien-ko (Support)

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