Chapter 4


Cyril Region

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With the villain's plan revealed and set in motion, Kyuu is now more determined to end the plague.

Kyuu soon discovers the source of the plague with the help of a mysterious, wise mage. In order to destroy the source, the brigade has to face the villain behind it and his allies.

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  • This is the very first chapter where the optional and canon party members can present in certain cutscenes depending on who you bring in your active party. For example: In the Stolen Money sidequest, if you bring Daffy, Sonic, Noel, or Kanon, they'll appear in the cutscenes with Suki and Carol. If none of them appear, Dark Magician Girl will take their place. Another example is when the party/brigade reaches Terrence, the optional party members can join in for the conversation.
  • If players are able to recruit Daffy and the Eds, Eddy and Daffy will have an argument about who's the real hero at Terrence's Tower. Eddy will mention that at one time during a guild job, Daffy accused the wrong lady which ends with the lady trying to forcefully marry him. Daffy will retort saying, "Hey, how would I suppose to know that she wasn't man crazy?!" Eddy retorts back that if Daffy had bothered looking at the right address, the duck would've avoided the man-chasing lady in the first place. This is actually a reference to one of Daffy's cartoon, The Super Snooper.
  • When the brigade faces Wario and Waluigi again, the Wario Bros. will argue who to use the summon spell (consist of an embarrassing dance) to fight the brigade. Waluigi will mention that Wario did outrun the dinosaur at the events game. This is actually a reference to their role in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games series.
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