Harqs Bust
(created by Uberbozo and drawn by b4ugo2h3v34n from Deviantart)

Character type:


Initial Level:



Assassin Cross




Chapter 5: Strange Reunion

Original Appearance:

Original Character

Harqs is an Original Character created by Uberbozo, a fanfic author.



Role in RakenzarnEdit

He appears near the end of Chapter 5: Strange Reunion, where he challenges Kyuu to a duel. If Kyuu wins, he will gain a stat boost. Win or lose, Harqs will leave after the battle.

Harqs is a unique party member who uses two elements: Fire and Ice. Harqs is able to use both with different effects. When he uses fire-based attacks, it has higher damage and a low chance of instant death to enemies, but Harqs will lose an enormous amount of Health. Using ice-based attacks, on the other hand, has lower damage but it also heals a small amount of Health Points.

Beware as Harqs is vulnerable with enemies that can absorb or repel fire and ice elements. He also has a lower amount of Rune Points compared to most characters.


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