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Hayate Ayasaki
Hayate no Gotoku

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Combat Butler


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Hayate no Gotoku manga Chapter 1: Santa's Red is a Blood Colored Hell

Hayate Ayasaki is the main protagonist of the romance/comedy manga series, Hayate no Gotoku (ハヤテのごとく, lit. Hayate the Combat Butler).

Hayate is a butler of the Sanzenin family. Prior to working as a butler, Hayate worked to support his parents' bad habits since the age of nine, always moving from job to job due to his employers finding out that he is underage. Because of this experience, Hayate possesses most of the extensive practical knowledge of how the world operates.


When Hayate turned 16, his parents had so much debt that they decided to sold their son to "A Group of Good Men" for a sum of 150 Million Yen. Hayate managed to outrun them and ended up in a park where he first met Nagi and saved her from two guys who were trying to seduce her. In reality, Hayate intended to kidnap her for a ransom but when he tried to tell Nagi his intentions, she mistook his words as a confession of love. After a failed kidnapping attempt, Nagi got kidnapped for real by two unknown men, but Hayate managed to save her again by catching up with a bicycle though he was badly wounded afterwards.

After learning of Hayate's debt, Nagi paid the "Group of Good Men" off for him resulting his debt transferring over to her. She hired Hayate as her personal butler in place for her previous butler, Himegami, with a very generous debt repayment plan. Since then Hayate has been adjusting to his new life of serving as Nagi's butler alongside Maria, the maid.

Role in RakenzarnEdit

His role is unknown until the release of the game's re-written version.