The Kandur Region is the first region of the Nihon Continent. Wesker oversees the plague in this region.

Story Edit

When struck by the plague, virtually the entire population of the region went mad with rage, violently attacking anyone who tried to get in. The Knights ended up quarantining the region to protect the others, forcing the brigade to sneak their way in.

Towns Edit

  • Hinode Village

A village with a traditional Japanese flair to it. A band of warrior monks stand fast to defend it, even in the face of the plague.

  • Furude Shrine

A temple located to the northeast of Hinode Village.

  • Goka City
  • Knights Border

An outpost located at the regional border. It was established to keep the infected Kandur citizens from invading other regions.

Habitat Edit

  • Suiseki Valley

A small valley. Bandits often use it as a hideaway due to its secluded nature.


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