I'm the embodiment of the one hope held by the Beatrices of a million worlds... So, even at times like this, I have to be everyone's hope. I'm not giving up on this game yet.
—Umineko No Naku Koro Ni
Lion Ushiromiya
Umineko no Naku Koro Ni

Character Type:


Initial Level:



Blademaster (starter)


Lawful Good


Prologue: One the Edge of Despair

Initial Appearance:

Umineko: Requiem of the Golden Witch

Lion Ushiromiya  is a main character from Umineko No Naku Koro Ni (meaning When the Seagulls Cry), a Japanese murder mystery dōjin soft Visual Novel series produced by 07th Expansion. A mild and polite person, he strongly believes in equality regardless of gender or rank. He appears as an androgynous person with long blonde hair and gray eyes. Because of his appearance, people often ask questions about his gender, something that Lion admits to having a bit of a complex towards these questions.


Lion is the first child of Krauss and Natsuhi Ushiromiya and the older brother of Jessica Ushiromiya. He was chosen as the unindisputable successor of his grandfather Kinzo as the next head of the Ushiromiya family. At an early age it was made clear that he was already adored by Kinzo. Because of his kind personality, he is well-liked by all members of the family. Unfortunately, he was unaware that Krauss' siblings envied him for it, though they did respect him to a certain degree.

Throughout Requiem of the Golden Witch, Lion becomes close with Willard H. Wright, a former first-class archbishop and Chief Inquisitor of SSVD, while investigating the mysterious circumstances surrounding Beatrice's death. Their investigation leads to a shocking truth and putting their lives in grave danger.

Role in Rakenzarn: Frontier StoryEdit

A Lion Ushiromiya from an alternate Umineko world is featured in Rakenzarn: Frontier Story as one of the protagonists. This version of Lion is very similar to his original counterpart except that the massacre did not happen. He integrated into the Realmwalkers earlier and has learned a lot from them, now capable of defending himself and learning a few tricks from Willard.

Lion makes his debut in the prologue where he and a team of Realmwalkers enter a Castlevania world. This is where he also stumbles upon Makoto Naegi and befriends him. From then on, Lion acts as Makoto's guide through the world of Realmwalkers, due to genuine concern and being responsible for getting him involved.


And so it ends...
—Lion uses his Soul Break, Forbidden Sin

Lion is the most balanced of the eight playable characters. As a result, he is very versatile and capable of equipping any class without too much drawbacks. However, because his stats are very standard, that also means he can't deal higher damage than some of the other playable characters. Lion's default Rune Class is Blademaster, followed by Knight and Fencer.

His Knight Class is defense oriented, mixing between defensive buffs and attacks. His Fencer Class, while not dealing as much damage as both Blademaster and Knight classes, is more speed oriented and deals critical hits.

His first Soul Break is Forbidden Sin, which is a powerful Slash attack. It's standard as it has no other effects but dealing severe damages to a single foe.

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