Professor, watch me. I will never lose!
—Arcana Hearts
Mei Fang
Arcana Heart

Character Type:


Initial Level:



Xing Yi Fighter (starter)


Neutral Good


Chapter 3: Arcana Requiem

Initial Appearance:

Arcana Heart

Mei-Fang is a playable character from the Arcana Heart game series. She is a humanoid robot made by Mei Ling Hua.


Created by Professor Mei Ling Hua (assisted by her colleague, Kira Daidouji), Mei-Fang is a marvel of Elemental Science with a body engineered out of a power substance known as "ether" and a bone structure made of an ivory-ether frame. Powered by the revolutionary celestial drive, Mei-Fang is the definition of a perfect artificial life form.

She also excels in many subject forms, but because she is technically a robot, she lacks any kind of human emotion much to Mei Ling Hua's dismay. Mei-Fang usually questions the way humans behave and doesn't understand them. Due to her lack of emotions, she does get along with Kira Daidouji no matter how insufferable she may be. Despite this fact, she cares greatly for her creator. When Mei Ling Hua is abducted by Mildred, Mei-Fang is fully determined to find the professor and struggles to handle things when she is not around.

Role in Rakenzarn: Frontier StoryEdit

Mei-Fang is featured in Rakenzarn: Frontier Story as one of the protagonists.

She makes her debut in Chapter 3: Arcana Requiem, hailing from an alternate Arcana Heart world very similar to its original universe with some minor differing details. She mysteriously ends up in Lion Ushiromiya's home world after the destruction of her own world. The party ends up running across her and she joins them in order to find out about what happened to the people of her world.


Mei-Fang is one of the physically stronger party members. Mei hits hard and is surprisingly fast, which allows her to attack the enemies first most of the time (beaten only by Raiga). Offensive-based classes are highly recommended. Her default class is Xing Yi Fighter, which has strong attacks that can cancel the normal buffs (such as PDEF up).

One of her exclusive classes is the Machina, a versatile class that mixes strong attacks (but not as strong as her other two classes) and status conditions. The other class is the Tao Fighter, which is more durable than the other two classes. The class uses both normal moves and Energy element as its main method of attack.

A feature unique to Mei-Fang is the Arcana moveset, giving her access to Fire element moves regardless of her equipped classes.

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