We're counting on you, Mario...Bros.!
—Super Paper Mario

Character Type:


Initial Level:







Chapter 0

Original Appearance:

Super Mario Bros. (1986)

Toads are the most common race in the Mushroom World. A friendly race of sapient mushrooms, they aid Mario, Luigi and their friends during their adventures against Bowser.

History Edit

Toads first appeared as Bowser's captives in the original Super Mario Bros. on the NES, helpfully informing Mario the princess was in another castle. In Super Mario Bros. 3 and later games, Toads would often provide help to Mario and Luigi by supplying them with items, extra lives or other services depending on the game.

Toads have also been playable characters since Super Mario Bros. 2, where one Toad assisted in saving the land of Subcon. While they generally stick to kart racing and partying, Toads will sometimes join the Mario Bros. on their adventures in the New Super Mario Bros. series.

Role in Rakenzarn Edit

Toads are common NPCs. Like any NPC, they can be talked to for information, items or even Guild Quests.

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