Instead of "sweetheart", you can just call me "sir"!
—Yellow Trailer
Yang Xaio Long

Character Type:


Initial Level:





Chaotic Good


Chapter 10

Original Appearance:

Yellow Trailer

Yang Xaio Long is one of the main protagonists of the web animations series RWBY. The older half-sister of Ruby, she is a natural thrill seeker and tends to solve problems in a very direct manner. Like her sister, her goal in life is to become one of Remnant's top Huntsman, though more for the desire to see the world and for the fun of it.

History Edit

As a young girl, Yang's mother disappeared from her life at an early age. While her father remarried and had Ruby, Yang never fully got over it and began looking into why she went away.

Years later, Yang decided to become a Huntress in order to both fulfill that goal and to find a job in life that suited her. She eventually made her way to the famous Beacon Academy and joined a team to learn how to become a better fighter.

Role in Rakenzarn Edit

Yang is an optional support member. Playing and completing Makai Coliseum's "Breach" Guild Quest has Yang join the party.

Yang is an offense oriented supporter. Her attacks are Fire element punches to a single foe that can inflict Down and either Stun or Def Down.

Relationship Edit

Ruby RoseEdit

Ruby is Yang's half-sister on her father's side. The two love each other and are very supportive.


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