Yuko Asou

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Dream Knight (starter)


Lawful Good



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Yuuko Asou (麻生優子, Asou Yūko) is the main protagonist of the Valis game series. She is one of Valia's daughters born in the dream world known as Vecanti. While she was born in Vecanti, she later resided in Tokyo, Japan. In Rakenzarn: Frontier Story, her name is shortened simply to Yuko.



Yuko's battle outfit

Yuko appears to be your typical, ordinary highschool girl; lazy, shy and fearful. Despite her meek demeanor, she can be brave and determined when needed. She is also kind and tends to worry about her beloved friends.

One day, when school ends, strange creatures suddenly appeared and attacked the entire town, including her. Before they can even attack her, a sword appears which she uses to protect herself. After fighting through horde of monsters including a boss, Queen Valia appears in front of Yuuko. She explains her that the sword, known as Valis, summoned her to save Vecanti from the the evil emperor Rogles, who also threatens the human world. After being convinced by Valia, Yuuko starts to beat Rogles's generals one by one and get the phantasm jewels they carry, winning new powers.

Along the way, she meets her classmate, Reiko, who is under Rogles's control. Reiko guards the entrance to Rogles' castle and Yuko is forced to fight her. Yuko is able to defeat Reiko and releases her from Rogles' control, but Reiko agonizes. Before her death, Reiko tells Yuko of her hard life, believing that nobody cared about her, but Yuko says her that she truly cares for her and they become friends. Shortly after, Reiko dies in her hands. Rogles then appears and proceeds to challenge Yuko for the final battle. Determined to stop Rogles more than ever, Yuko confronts the evil emperor and destroys him. With Vecanti saved, Yuko returns home with the presentiment that she will return to Vecanti someday.

It soon becomes true as Yuko returns to Vecanti to fight new enemies threatened both Vecanti and the human world.

Role in Rakenzarn: Frontier StoryEdit

An alternative Yuko Asou appears in Rakenzarn: Frontier Story as one of the protagonists. Unlike her main counterpart, her backstory is more tragic in comparison. Due to her experience, she is a lot more determined to protect her new loved ones.


Yuko possesses both physical and magical strength making her the Magic Knight of the party. Her default ability allows her to convert her physical attack into magic attack. Her default class is Dream Knight. Later on, she can use the Samurai class.

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